Meet Our Trainers

Glen Werns


G-Form Fitness Owner 


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CPT, Pilates and Yoga Instructor


We are all unique in body shape and form, fitness is simply the mechanism for us to increase our energy, happiness, and performance in every aspect of our lives. I strive to give my clients the necessary tools to succeed.



Fitness Coach

In this field, I love to work with all clients to help them achieve their goals by improving their general fitness through a unique exercise selection that is best for the client.

Maria Penager

Pilates and Yoga Instructor, and Group Exercise Instructor


Since 1999, she has taught classical Pilates where she began her career after suffering from a severe back injury incurred from cheerleading and decreased lung capacity after removal of a portion of her left lung due to lung cancer. She decided to leave corporate America and be trained by the Organization Romana’s Pilates to teach this amazing form of movement. Her experience ranges from clients with chronic pain, back and joint ailments, MS, professional athletes, dancers, and children. Pilates is an exercise done for a lifetime and no matter what other type of movement you practice, practice your Pilates.

Lynn Jack

Yoga Instructor


My goal is to assist others to have a better quality of life.  I love seeing others benefit from yoga – creating more flexibility, mindfulness, and strength.  To create a program that fits their personal fitness goals.