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Hear from our satisfied customers who enjoy working at G-Form everyday! We have long term clients who absolutely love our small gym, family atmosphere. See how we've helped them and how much we've changed their lives!

Charles Caliendo

"At age 47 I began training at G-Form in an attempt to relieve back pain that had existed for 7 years due to degenerated discs. I had previously tried physical therapy and various injections with no success.


After 6 months of training at G-Form there was a noticeable difference in my back pain and overall fitness. After 18 months my back pain was virtually gone. I also noticed that recovering from soreness caused by activities such as snow shoveling, snow skiing, etc. decreased from two to three days of discomfort to almost nothing.


I enjoy the constant variety of challenging training that G-Form's personal trainers provide. The quality and variety of training equipment at G-Form is unmatched by the much larger club that my wife trains at. The gym has a friendly neighborhood atmosphere that welcomes new comers."


Charlie has been training with us for three years now, and comes three times a week. He works as a Chief Information Officer, and would recommend others to join our gym."

Judy Wolf​

“I was in my late 40's overweight, completely out of shape and had not exercised in 20 years when I found G-Form Fitness. I had no idea where to begin but Glen the owner helped me get started, showed me the right way to exercise and was commited and still is to helping me reach my fitness and weight loss goals. All of the trainers are great. Their workouts are tough and at the same time it is truly an enjoyable experience. They keep pushing you to the next level. I have so much more confidence and energy for my busy work and family life. Personal attention, honest approach and excellent knowledge is what I can always expect from G-Form!”


Judy has been working at G-Form fitness for five years, and comes three times a week. She works as a business analyst, and would recommend us to others as well!!

Henry Lewis, II

“G-Form is a wonderful part of my life. I have worked with the personal trainers for the last 6 years an. The overall wonderful atmosphere provided by the terrific Staff and Clients alike makes this "G" equal "gem" and "great"!"


Henry is self-employed, and has been working at G-Form for over six years. He comes 3 days a week, and would also recommend others to our gym!

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