Intermediate/Advanced Reformer Equipment (9:00AM)

Intermediate/Advanced Reformer Equipment (9:00AM)

Intermediate Mat (8:30AM)

Equipment Class,

Student Choice! (9:00AM)

Stretch and Strength (9:00AM)

Beginning/Intermediate Equipment


Beginning/Intermediate Equipment


Intermediate Tower/Reformer (1:00PM)

Equipment Class,

Student Choice! (1:00PM)

Mixed Level



Mixed Level



Class Descriptions

Mixed Level Mat

Whether it is your first or 50th time, enjoy a great workout.  Learn the basics, tone and stretch your body.

Intermediate/Advanced Reformer Equipment

Pilates work starts from the inside out.  Work on advancing your Pilates craft in this class.

Beginning/Intermediate Equipment

The study of Pilates is exercise for a lifetime.  Your most important work is your basic and intermediate work.  They provide your foundation to everything else.  Learn or revisit this work for a great workout.

Intermediate Tower/Reformer

Leg Springs, arm spring, and more springs!  Learn your beginning and Intermediate tower and


Equipment Class, Student Choice!!

What piece of equipment would you like to work on today?  The reformer, the towers or the chairs, It’s your choice today....

Intermediate Mat

Let's learn the principles of Pilates, Stretch, Strength and Control.  Learning the mat work allows you to take your Pilates on the road.  Enjoy a great workout using your best Pilates tool.  Your body!


Mixed Level Equipment

Learn your beginning and Intermediate reformer, tower and mat.

Stretch and strength By Jennifer Kraft

Do you like Barre and Yoga?  This is the class for you! On the 1st and 3rd Saturday lengthen/strengthen/tone your body with Yoga.  On the 2nd and 4th Saturday lengthen/strengthen/tone your body with Barre!  On any 5th Saturday enjoy a class!

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