Sports Training

We take training to a different level by using a highly organized training method, incorporated with interrelated programming principles. Some of these principles we base our program include:


     1. The Principle of Awareness

     2. The Principle of All-Around Development

     3. The Principle of Consistency

     4. The Principle of Repetition

     5. The Principle of Scientific Adaptive Imposed Demands

     6. The Principle of Specialization


The success of any training program is closely linked to the philosophy of physical training in which it is embedded. Most sports training programs are built on very elementary concepts of training such as designing programs based on sets, reps, and rest periods. Sports training is not simply selecting a few exercises out of a magazine or prescribing exercises such as heavy squats, leg curls, bench, etc. This approach may produce aesthetic results for a non-competitive athlete but probably will have limited value to a serious athlete.