Class Descriptions

Bootcamp Bash

Bringing the joy of group games and the benefits of strength and conditioning training together. Boot Camp makes fitness fun and effective. You will enjoy a different theme throughout the 12 weeks and a great workout to match. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a fitness fanatic G-Form's Boot Camp is for you!


The focus will be stabilizing the spine while strengthening the core, teaching the body to initiate all movement "from the center," thereby preventing injury, and improving overall health. Strengthen the muscles in the back to improve your posture, tone your abs and glutes, and work on flexibility in this all-levels Pilates class designed to give you a great workout in a safe way.

Tai Chi Fundamentals

This is a beginner's class. Slow, gentle Chinese exercise that enhances relaxation skills, mental, focus, and postural alignment while building leg strength, endurance, and stability. This reduces tension and pain in the back and neck. Research suggests that Tai Chi can improve balance and reduce stress and enhance immune function. This non-impact, moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise for all ages and abilities can complement any health care therapy regimen.

Body Barre

Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training, and the moves are choreographed to motivating music. In each energizing and targeted workout, you'll use the barre and exercise equipment such as mini-balls and small hand weights to sculpt, slim, and stretch your entire body.

Train Like Jane Not Tarzan

Ladies this class is for you! This class offers a challenging yet invigorating workout utilizing cross-training to combine Pilates, weight training, and yoga into one fun and easy-to-follow class.

Forever Fit

Forever fit is not your typical fitness class. As we reach a certain age, things become more difficult. Forever Fit focuses on balance, coordination and strength to bring you a program that will help you improve your quality of life in and outside of the gym.

Hatha Yoga

Stretch, strengthen, improve balance, breathe, reduce stress, and meditate in this all-levels gentle hatha yoga class. Work on flexibility, strengthen and tone the whole body, and open energy channels in a friendly non-competitive class. Props provided and encouraged to ensure proper alignment.

Adult Yoga

This 50-minute Vinyasa yoga class is designed for individuals of all abilities. The yoga flow will focus on connecting breath work to movements and elevating your strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Modifications and accommodations will be provided and props such as bolsters, blocks, and straps will be utilized. The yoga sequences will vary weekly in a slightly heated room. Please bring your own yoga mat, props, and water. Please inform your instructor of any previous injuries, surgeries, and/or painful areas of your body.

Adult/Kids Yoga

This adult-child class is designed for parents and their children, ages 3 months - 1 year. The class will begin with meditation and breathwork and move into a beginner-friendly sequence in which the parent is holding and moving with the child. With the nature of young children, comes a very casual and fun class! The instructor will be leading the class with their own child for demonstration purposes. Meet other new parents and begin the journey on your mat! Please bring a yoga mat if possible. Please inform your instructor of any previous injuries, surgeries and/or painful areas of you or your child's body. Register under the adult’s name, no separate child registration required.

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga class will provide little yogis, ages 2-4, with an opportunity for them to release energy in a positive way, center themselves with meditation and breathwork and have fun with other yogis as they learn new postures and poses! The yogis will engage in songs, games, activities and flowing sequences that bring focus and awareness to both their minds and bodies. Please bring a yoga mat and water for your child. You are required to stay with your child for the duration of the class. Please inform your instructor of any previous injuries, surgeries, and/or painful areas of your child's body.